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May 2006



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On the Nature of Government
by John Frary

The Token Conservative: Ice Out, Peas and Global Warming
by Jon Reisman

America, While You Were Sleeping
by Vincent Fiore

In Search of Excellence in Augusta
by Rep. Rich Cebra

Whatever Happened to Limited Government?
by Justin Darr

by Ken Anderson

Pacific Rim -10, Home Boys- 0
by Bob Sanders

What about Katahdin Lake?
by Senator Paul Davis

Liberals Silence Parents, Sacrifice Children at Altar of Tolerance
by Laura Adelmann

Letters to the Editor

Green Perception / Deception: Which One Is It?
by David P. Cyr

Future American Lawyers Take a Stand for Freedom
by Tom DeWeese

Profiles in Rural Maine: Onawa, Maine
by Ken Anderson

Needed Reforms, Part 2: Waste Reduction
by Michael Fundalewicz

A Discussion With Stu Kallgren, of the
Maine Leaseholder’s Association

Immigration Compromise Will Cause Republicans To Lose Senate

Government’s Big Lie: The “Crisis” of Babies With Undiagnosed Mental Illness
by Laura Adelmann

The Fleecing of Maine: Enron-Style Accounting Takes Control of State Budget
by Reps. David Trahan and Jon McKane

A Political Pause For Resurrection Day
by Matthew Jones

Satire on Animal ID
by Walter Jeffries

Straight From Nana Beth’s Kitchen!

Good Immigration Policy Starts With Building A Fence
by Jeff Lukens

Visiting Your Representative
How To Be Heard
by Carol W. LaGrasse

Constitutional Myths and Realities: Part II
by Justice Stephen Markman

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Because All of Maine DOES Matter!

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This Month’s Contributors:

Laura Adelmann Ken Anderson
Michelle Anderson Rep. Rich Cebra
Beth Cyr David P. Cyr
Justin Darr Sen. Paul Davis
Tom DeWeese Vincent Fiore
John Frary Michael Fundalewicz
Walter Jeffries Matthew Jones
Carol W. LaGrasse Jeff Lukens
Justice Stephen Markman Rep. Jon McKane
Patrick Moening Jon Reisman
Bob Sanders Rep. David Trahan

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