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Immigration Compromise Will Cause Republicans To Lose Senate

Lancaster, PA — If Senate Republicans who have compromised with the likes of Ted Kennedy on an immigration bill are successful in getting that bill passed into law, Republicans can kiss goodbye their control of the Senate, according to Constitution Party National Chairman Jim Clymer.

Said Clymer: “I think that this will be the final straw for conservatives who have held their nose and stuck with the Republican Party as they watched it trash nearly every core principle that identified it as a conservative party: protecting the peace, controlling spending, limiting government, and being strong on law and order. Placing illegal immigrants on a fast track to citizenship is a frontal assault on law and order. President Bush has deliberately chosen not to enforce our immigration laws, and then declared immigration to be out of control. I predict that the Republican rank-and-file will not follow their leaders in the ‘Millionaire’s Club’ out this particular gangplank.

“The only way that Senate Republicans can avoid incurring the wrath of the voters this November is by backing away from this capitulation on principle,” Clymer stated.

“This curious alliance between the leftists and much of the business community is an abdication of their duty and their oath to uphold the Constitution. It gives compromise a bad name,” continued Clymer. He suggested that those like Sen. Jeff Sessions, who have held onto their principles, will be okay; but that “the rest of these Republicans will need to look to the Democratic Party for their votes, and that flat-out won’t happen.”

“These ‘progressive’ Republican Senators may have been intimidated by seeing masses taking to the streets waving the Mexican flag. I predict that Republican voters will be looking for alternatives made of sterner stuff. Rather than just sitting out the next election, I welcome the many Republicans, who will be in need of recovery after having seen their party hijacked by the left and multinational business interests, into the ranks of the Constitution Party,” concluded Clymer.

The Constitution Party is a national political party, registered with the Federal Election Commission. It has run candidates in every election for President and Vice President since 1992 and is running many candidates this year for U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives as well as for governor and many state legislative seats.

Jim Clymer has been Chairman of the Constitution Party since 1999. He is a practicing attorney in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, who has twice run as a Constitution Party candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania, and most recently, ran for U.S. Senate against Arlen Specter and Joe Hoeffel, garnering more than 220,000 votes. The Constitution Party National Website is

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