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May 2006



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by Ken Anderson

Over the past several years, since I’ve been involved in conservative causes, I have often heard complaints about the liberal media, and I’ve sat in meetings where a topic of discussion was how we were going to get our conservative message out.
It wasn’t until I began publishing a conservative newspaper, first online, and now with my involvement with All Maine Matters, that I began to realize a contributing cause to some of these valid complaints.

As conservatives, we don’t support our own, at least not to the extent that liberals support those who carry their message.
This will be our fifth edition of All Maine Matters, and it still isn’t paying for itself; not even the publishing expenses, let alone the cost of distribution, software, etc.

My wife and I have both spoken to conservative business owners, people who agree with us, yet who say that they are afraid to advertise with All Maine Matters because they don’t want to involve their business in politics.

These people are not afraid to advertise in the Bangor Daily or the Portland Press. Since we’ve been publishing All Maine Matters, I make a habit of picking up other small newspapers throughout the state, and it is quite clear that the most leftist publications you could imagine have no shortage of advertisers. While it may be true that conservative businesses owners don’t make a habit of advertising in leftist publications, there is no doubt whatsoever that liberal business owners are not afraid of involving their businesses in politics.

When you wonder why we have a liberal media, one answer to that question might be because it pays. Liberals support their own while conservatives, as a rule, do not. That’s one of the reasons we lose.

If you truly want to be on the winning side, you have to support the side that you’re on. All Maine Matters is distributed throughout much of the state, and it is also available online. Our advertising rates are reasonable, and we’d love to hear from you.

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