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Liberals Silence Parents, Sacrifice Children at Altar of Tolerance
by Laura Adelmann

The free-love generation that despised social restraint, the forever-reckless crowd that never grew up, is destroying our culture and sacrificing our young on the alter of tolerance.
Within 50 years, American culture has degenerated from a nation promoting sound ethics, manners, restraint and self-respect into a culture overrun with tattooed, pierced, drugged-up, sexualized reprobates of every kind.

For families in this over-sexed culture, America has become a battlefield, and it is our children on the front lines. They are attacked 24/7 with sex, pornography, violence, drugs, show-it-all fashion glamorized in filthy-language laced gangsta-rap. Impressionable, vulnerable and dependent, they need adults to demand a moral uprising.

But where is the justified parental outcry? It has been effectively silenced by politically-correct and morally bankrupt liberals using junior-high tactics like name-calling and labeling to silence opposition. All liberals have had to do is associate upright morals with historical outrages like slavery and racism to inoculate conservatives into utter cultural ineffectiveness.

Forcing conservatives into answering liberals’ character-bashing charges before even broaching topics of morally right and ethically wrong dilutes the message and puts conservatives wrongly on the defensive. Effectively changing the debate, liberals smugly return to their prey: Our children.

Indoctrination in schools has become the norm. With parents distracted, liberals have metastasized in our schools, infecting our children with their deadly lies: Abortion is choice, not murder; capitalism is imperialism, not opportunity; abstinence is impossible, not healthy; and moral judgment is not wisdom-in-action, but (intolerable!) intolerance. They are crushing our children’s moral compass, leaving them vulnerable, unable to recognize wrong, much less understand evil.

We all know it is going on, and it’s parents who are at fault for not standing up for truth. The enemy is relentless, and indoctrination is made easier by the liberal media. Every day that parents do not stand against the decaying culture and support moral truth, it is our children who are bearing battle scars, who are dying in this culture war. Conservatives need to take back our families, and stand against shock-radio, porn-infested Web sites, twisted sexual television and condom curriculum.

Stand up, speak out and demand accountability to traditional morals before they disappear with our generation.

Laura Adelmann is a Staff Writer for the New Media Alliance. She is an award-winning investigative reporter and researcher who stands for the conservative Christian values that founded America. She has a passion for truth, integrity and accuracy, as well as a love of research. Her work, which includes news articles, investigative stories and opinion pieces, has appeared in Minnesota Christian Chronicle, Pro-Family News and numerous local newspapers in Dakota County, Minnesota. Laura has also written copy for conservative candidates running for state and national offices.


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