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On January 9, 2006, the first edition of the second run of All Maine Matters hit the streets.

All Maine Matters is the product of the merger of two newsletters, the UTU Newsletter -- published by Robbie McKay of Kingman -- and Fisheries Notes – published by Helen Gordon of Sullivan.

The publishers had come to understand that the same forces that were trying to depopulate the Unorganized Territories were trying to shut down Maine’s fishing industry. The depopulation was being conducted via rural cleansing while the fishing industry was trying to establish the Gulf of Maine as a “non-extractive marine reserve.”

All Maine Matters was named because of all of Maine does matter. Realizing that the population centers in Maine are already well-served by newspapers and other media, our focus is primarily on rural Maine and those communities which are not concentrated upon by the media.

The mainstream media was often mystified by the fact that All Maine Matters would appear throughout the state somehow, but they often picked up and ran with some of the stories that appeared here.

From Portland to Madawaska; from Calais to Bethel; in Millinocket, Kingman, Dixmont, Lincoln, and Woodville it appeared in cafes in hotels, in grocery stores and hardware stores.

Free to our readers, All Maine Matters, an advertiser-supported publication, consists of news and commentary by and for the people of Maine.

We thank you for your support.


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