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Vol. 1, No. 9      September 2006 FREE

The Token Conservative
Accountability Blues, But Thank the Founders for Federalism
by Jon Reisman

Maine has been the mirror image of the national government for the past four years. One party has controlled both the executive and legislative branches. In Washington, I think the Republicans have governed poorly, although for very different reasons than the left. In Maine, I know the Democrats have governed badly. In both cases, if the public and press hold the respective Parties accountable for their performance, a change will occur in November. That’s rather a big if, given the Ratheresque biases and omissions of the Maine stream press. But there it is.

In Washington, the Republicans have become the Party of conservative big government. George Bush should be impeached for signing the odious campaign finance reform law advanced by Senator McCain and his two help mates, Senators Collins and Snowe. That law has shredded the 1 st Amendment and promoted judicial activism. Exactly what part of “Congress shall make law… abridging the freedom of speech” did they not understand?

The President is a day late and a dollar short in finally naming our enemy as Islamic fascism. He has irretrievably lost the country on Iraq. The critical effort to change the status quo in the Middle East deserved more honesty and less spin. Instead we are a country both at war and at the mall. Many in fact, don’t think we are or need to be at war at all, and are convinced that if we are nicer to the Islamic fascists and more humble ourselves, things will be just fine. And the President has told us that we should, in fact, be at the mall. Why did it take almost 5 years for him to name the enemy for what they are?

I am under no illusions that the Cut, Run and Surrender Democrats will be any better. They will, in fact, be much worse. The left is ready to throw Israel, the West, capitalism and freedom under the bus to appease Islamic fascists. But the left is not in power in Washington (yet), and the press is more likely to enforce accountability on the right as opposed to the left. The country thinks the Republicans have governed badly. They’re right. Accountability demands the Republicans lose their majorities in the U.S. House and Senate. And despite gerrymandering, incumbency and the incumbent protection aspects of the aforementioned odious campaign finance reform act, that’s what’s going to happen. Welcome Speaker Pelosi and Leader Reid.

There is one bright spot though. Minority status will reduce the damage Olympia and Susan can do. And two years of Democratic Congressional control might give the Republicans a chance to keep the White House in 2008. Romney/Rice anyone?

Here in Maine, despite the best efforts of the daily newspapers, the public has correctly perceived that the Democrats have governed badly. Accountability demands a change in leadership and control. And that’s exactly what’s going to happen. Welcome Governor Woodcock, Speaker Tardy and Senate President Weston. You’ll have your hands full trying to steer Maine towards freedom and prosperity. The moonbats will be flying over Washington, D.C., but thanks to the Founders embrace of Federalism, some sanity may yet reign

Jon Reisman is the University of Maine System’s token conservative
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