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Vol. 1, No. 9      September 2006 FREE

Decade of Sustainable Development: Marxist Indoctrination of Children
by Laura Adelmann

Sustainable development destroys freedom, creates tyranny

The goal of public schools is not to educate children but to indoctrinate them.

Soaked in Marxist/Communist propaganda, earth worship, and anti-Christian bias, national standards - the federal curriculum in all public schools since 1994 - are intended for the transformation of American society into a government-controlled collective. As Dr. Shirley McCune stated in a 1989 Governor’s Conference on Education, “We no longer see the teaching of facts and information as the primary outcome of education.” The senior director of the Mid-continent Educational Laboratory, McCune explained further, “What’s happening in America a total transformation of our society. We have moved into a new era.”

By its very definition, the “total transformation of our society” first requires every aspect of our life as we know it be destroyed: Government, economy and lifestyle. To accomplish the destruction is a tool called “sustainable development.”

At first blush, you’d think sustainable development would pertain to construction or physical planning, which - in part - it does. Sustainable development is connected to mass transit, stacked, crowded housing plans and the creation of millions of acres of wild areas where human access is restricted or banned. But the scope of sustainable development is much broader, and is being implemented to impact every facet of human life.

Imposed by the United Nations, sustainable development is key to the destruction of American culture, values, ethics and foundational principles; it is designed to dictate everything people do, think and believe, and will recreate how government and business operate. Our tax dollars are funding this societal transformation as evidenced in our public schools, where 2005-2014 is declared the Decade of Education for Sustainable Development.

According to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the UN’s Earth Charter is an “important ethical framework” and “educational tool” for use in the Decade of Education for Sustainable Development. The Earth Charter, says UNESCO, “contains fundamental principles for building a just, sustainable and peaceful global society.”A global society, also called “one-world government” is the true purpose of sustainable development. Particularly revealing is one of the primary principles emphasized by the Earth Charter.

Under this principle, there will be “acceptance of the constraints imposed by preservation of the common good is indispensable to the exercise of freedom.” Translation: The people will meekly submit to imposed restrictions for whatever most benefits government - also known as “the common good,” a Communist precept. And, though enslaved, people will be told they are free. This principle is one of several classified by the UN as being “of the utmost importance,” and to which all member nations (including the United States) must embrace.

Under Earth Charter/sustainable development principles, freedom is redefined as acceptance of constraints, a bold-face lie. The lies are necessary, because for sustainable development to rule, true freedom - America, the land of the free - needs to be destroyed. Enter the Decade of Education for Sustainable Development and the transformation of society.

This is why our children know very little of their blessed heritage, our Founding Fathers and the freedom they won through prayer and battle, sacrifice, honor, commitment and wisdom. American independence was defined upon this basic truth: That freedom, life, liberty, property, is granted not by man, but from the Creator God (of the Bible), and it is government’s primary responsibility is to defend those unalienable rights. Under sustainable development, public schools, led by useful idiots or those too scared to speak up for truth, are indoctrinating for the destruction of freedom. Our culture, history, beliefs, economic system and founding must be washed from the minds of the next generation, because sustainable development principles, as defined in the Earth Charter, are completely antithetical to America and freedom.

So, instead of preserving our heritage, kids are taught radical environmentalism, an efficient tool to implement the sustainable development system. Under the radical green-washing curriculum, human existence is subjugated to that of toads and hoot owls because each person’s “ecological footprint” could destroy “critical habitat” for a salamander, impacting the whole of nature. Therefore, government must dictate how we work, what we eat, where we live, where we go, how we get there, the goal is to control our behaviors and decisions.

Sustainable development and it’s founding Earth Charter is integral to the new purpose of public schools: As McCune accurately described it, “the transformation of [American] society.”The next generation is being indoctrinated to not only accept the radical enslavement that is sustainable development, but to encourage its emergence. Its principles are intended to establish world government, a tyrannical power.

Laura Adelmann is a Staff Writer for the New Media Alliance. She is an award-winning investigative reporter and researcher who stands for the conservative Christian values that founded America. She has a passion for truth, integrity and accuracy, as well as a love of research. Her work, which includes news articles, investigative stories and opinion pieces, has appeared in Minnesota Christian Chronicle, Pro-Family News and numerous local newspapers in Dakota County, Minnesota. Laura has also written copy for conservative candidates running for state and national offices.



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