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Vol. 1, No. 10      October 2006 FREE

What’s Next?
by Michael Fundalewicz

We just got through eulogizing the fifth anniversary of the losses we suffered on 9/11/01 and now we have the latest outbreak of hostile intentions, by radical Muslims, over something the Pope repeated from a historical document. WHAT’S NEXT?

Is there anything anyone can say without tripping the trigger of these savages into a fanatical frenzy that threatens the very safety of all who are non-Muslims?

That innocent bodyguard and the nun, who had nothing to do with what the Pope said, died a horrible death just because she wore a habit. Are we going to sit back, allow psychopaths like Mahmoud Ahmadinijahd, and sadists like him, dictate what the world is allowed to say or who we should , as Christians, worship? The answer is a flat out NO!

Their open declaration, as of this morning, that all non-Muslims are to be targeted for assassination is a clear and outright declaration of a world wide war; a “Jihad”, in their words.

Yet, we’ve cordially allowed Mr. Ahmadinijahd into this country to attend and address the U.N., in our city of New York, the very place his miserable cohorts tried to level on 9/11, so he can have his say. I say this: I’d gladly pay for the front row tickets to see the bullet hit his head!

And with the openly made death-threat against all non-Muslims having been made, I’m inclined to suggest to Mr. Bush and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, BRING ALL OF OUR BOYS HOME NOW; we’re gonna need ‘em! NOW SEAL THE BORDERS….TIGHT!
And if that ain’t enough, we’re passively debating the issue of “torture” to extract information from suicide bombers and terrorists. Does anyone out there have a change of mind now???? I DON’T THINK SO!

I say put the screws to them as they would us and be as unrelenting as they are. They know no other way so let’s deal with them on their own grounds and terms and make them feel comfortably at home in their own type of misguided,

nscrupulous, demented, twisted and sadistic environment which THEY created.

I’ve always been told, be careful of what you ask for, you might just get it! So be it. It’s their time to ride the gauntlet.

This will not be tolerated in any way, shape or form.

We’ve debated the issue of “torture”, regarding the “savages” we’ve captured because we’re trying to be politically correct and adhere to the Geneva Convention regulations. I don’t recall them being in effect during the Revolutionary War nor the Civil War….do you?

This wasn’t established until later. And the reason was to secure the decent treatment of all “SOLDIERS” while being held captive during a military campaign.

This is NOT the case now. There is no “campaign”. These are just radicals without morals or constraints or borders or nations or uniforms. They have no value of life itself and will never attain it until a “45” is stuck up their nose and the trigger pulled. It’s quite plain and simple folks; “World War III” is on and the only way to stop it is by “cleaning house“!

Michael Fundalewicz moved to Ashland with his wife and four kids in the early ‘90s to escape the dictatorial confines of the State of Massachusetts’ taxation policies and the mayhem of drugs and crime for the protection of his kids’ futures. He has, in recent years, come to see that those very same issues have followed him in the form of self-serving governing officials and the reluctance of the citizens of northern Maine to stand up and speak out for themselves before they wind up in the same mess.

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