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A Discussion With Stu Kallgren, of the Maine Leaseholder's Association

The Maine Leaseholder's Association was formed in 1990 to address the concerns of leaseholders in the State of Maine, and Stu Kallgren has served as its president since 1996.

AMM: Last month, we left off announcing the annual meeting of the Maine Leaseholder's Association on August 19, 2006, and we talked about a letter that had been sent by the Judiciary Committee to Governor Baldacci, asking him to set up a commission to study leaseholder issues. Has anything else transpired on that?

STU: The governor has yet to schedule the first meeting.

AMM: Have you spoken to him?

STU: I've spoken to people in his office. He hasn't refused to schedule a meeting, he just hasn't done so yet. We're all set to go on our end. Peter Pray, Jim Giffune, and George Lee are prepared to participate for our side.

AMM: Do you expect that he'll come through, or try to stall until after the election?

STU: That's a long time to stall, so we're still waiting on him. We've invited him to our annual meeting on August 19th. We'll be inviting other legislators and candidates, as well.

AMM: Has there been any changes in the schedule?

STU: No, it's on Saturday, August 19th, at 12:00 noon. There'll be a barbecue.

AMM: Anything else going on?

STU: I've met with some of the people from the Cross Lake Association. We had a good meeting. They are concerned. Most of them lease from Irving, and they're worried about their property as well. Gene Lynch is the director coordinating things in Aroostook County, and we still hope to get them down here for the annual meeting. If there's enough interest, we'll have a bus available to bring them down. With the price of gas these days, that might help.

AMM: All right. To remind everyone then, the annual meeting will be at:

Maine Leaseholders Association
Annual Meeting
Saturday, August 19, 2006
12:00 Noon
Perley Wheaton Ford Garage
Millinocket, Maine

STU: That's about it. Until we hear from the governor, or learn that we're not going to hear from the governor, there's not a lot going on.

AMM: Until next time then ..

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