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Whatever Happened?
By Michael A. Beardsley

Ever looked around and thought: Whatever happened to what Reagan referred to as that “shining city upon a hill?” I often wonder how we got from there to here and can we get back. I came up with “12 distinctive I wonder whatever happened to” questions:

Whatever happened to disagreeing without being disagreeable?

Whatever happened to supporting the troops, the mission and the Commander-in-Chief while making personal sacrifices in a time of war?

Whatever happened to living within our means, as a nation, as a state, as individuals?

Whatever happened to limited government and local control?

Whatever happened to personal responsibility?

Whatever happened to the American work ethic: An Honest Day’s Work, for an Honest Day’s Pay?

Whatever happened to strong men, leading, protecting and providing for their families?

Whatever happened to feminine women valued by society for their contributions as homemakers, wives and mothers?

Whatever happened to children honoring their father and mother?

Whatever happened to television fit for the whole family to watch together?

Whatever happened to discipline and teaching the difference between right and wrong?

Whatever happened to the priorities: God, Family, Republic?

Perhaps when we no longer have to ask whatever happened to basic values our country will again be America: One Nation, Under God, Indivisible.

Michael Beardsley is a Conservative activist from Ellsworth. He currently sits on the Board of Directors to the National Federation of Republican Assemblies and is the past president of the Maine Republican Assembly.

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