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A Discussion With Stu Kallgren, of the
Maine Leaseholder’s Association

The Maine Leaseholder’s Association was organized in 1990 to address the concerns of leaseholders in the State of Maine. Stu Kallgren has served as its president since 1996.

AMM: Last month, we were discussing a letter that was going to be drafted, asking the governor to set up a commission to study leasing issues. Where are we with that?

STU: A letter has been sent by the Judiciary Committee to Governor Baldacci, asking him to to set up the commission. We’re all set to go. We have the people picked for our side, and we’re waiting for a response from the governor.

AMM: When do you expect to hear from him?

STU: We’d like to get this all wrapped up by September, before election day.

AMM: Why election day?

STU: Maybe we should show how we feel about it come election time. The people of northern Maine didn’t get any help from former Governor King, and so far we’ve gotten nothing from Governor Baldacci but promises. It’s been more than two years now, and I don’t know that the promises are worth anything. This has got to happen before the election. If it doesn’t, I’m going to do everything in my power to see to it that he isn’t reelected.

AMM: I can see that there’s little reason to let the promises carry over into a second term, when he’s no longer worried about reelection. What else is going on?

STU: A lot of people are concerned about the state reevaluations of property. We haven’t seen the full effect of that yet, but leaseholders throughout the state will feel it before it’s over.

AMM: Go on.

STU: The state is pricing people right off of the water. Anyone who doesn’t own their property will not be able to afford their lease, and they won’t be able to buy their property. Everyone will feel the effect. The only access to the water that will be left will be through public landings.

AMM: Wealthy people from out of state will have the only access to the water.

STU: Yes, while the rest of us are priced off the water.

AMM: Anything else?

STU: Yes. I’d like announce the Annual Meeting of the Maine Leaseholder’s Association will be in Millinocket this year. It’ll be at the old Perley Wheaton Ford garage, starting at about noon, on August 19th. All members of the Leaseholder’s Association are invited. In fact, if there’s an interest, we might even be able to arrange for a bus to bring the ones from the northern region, around Cross Lake and Long Lake.

AMM: Okay, then. That’ll be:

Maine Leaseholder’s Association
Annual Meeting
August 19, 2006
12:00 Noon
Perley Wheaton Ford Garage
Millinocket, Maine

STU: That’s it.

AMM: Okay. I’ll look forward to talking to you again next month.

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