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Stalking Victims of Harassment Crimes
By Prometheus

Times change, evolution occurs. What we know now, we didn’t know a few years ago.

Crimes are also changing and evolving. There is a criminal element now whose movement is so evasive, so insidious that it’s virtually undetected by the target’s themselves until it gets to a point that life’s little nuisances are happening at such an alarming rate that it obviously is no longer normal. This type of harassment happens to thousands of people. It is used against activists and whistleblowers, and one that has been going on in the Katahdin Region for quite some time.

These crimes are a reality, as hard as it might be to believe. There is a basic method that is used and THE LIES are the foundation of the organized stalking. This is how it works: Assemble a large group of people together –dedicated to getting rid of undesirables in the community.

The harassment looks like life’s normal breaks to the selected targets. That way if the target complains about all of these things that are happening, and maybe realizes where it is coming from, the people he is complaining to are now regarding him as a complainer or he could also be regarded as delusional or even a kook. Throw in some sabotage, tell lies about that person and ruin the target’s reputation, and over a period of time that target will eventually be destroyed.

In a book called Terrorist (Citizen Gang) Stalking In America, by David Lawson, the author refers to this as CAUSE STALKING, which means that the group of stalkers is assembled under a leader with an unknown past, for a specific cause. According to David Lawson, the groups of individuals appear to be delusional in thinking they are spies, or are borderline mentally unstable.
He also mentions this method has been used by extremist groups since early 1990’s. The basic system was suspected to have been developed by the Ku Klux Klan and it was refined over years of use.

What these members are taught is: the target is the reason for their problems…that he is the reason for their failures.
The members are then filled with lies about their targets.
The average stalking member has no criminal record. This in itself does not lend any credibility in the initiation of a police investigation. These people are usually very self-righteous, but have no real understanding of “right or wrong”. They don’t look like your average gang member, and they can even be a governmental figure, a business-person or the average Joe in your neighborhood. They use deluded people to utterly destroy every facet of the targets life, even the ability to earn a living.

Citizen Vigilante Group, as a name, is a good one as their justice is mete out to alleged criminals or sinners, (for the religious vigilantes), who deserve what they get. Some are justified to act for no other reason than vengeance. Of course they are acting on lies told to them by their leaders.

One only had to listen to Councilor Matt Polstein as he declared the Magic City Morning Star a THREAT to the town of Millinocket to see this form of citizen manipulation, at a workshop that was supposed to be for Economic Development and Revitalization, held on May 1, 2006, in the council chambers. It was not lost on those in that room, that this councilor was stirring the members there into a mob mentality, which was frightening to witness.
Those citizens who attended with the intention of being a part of a positive agenda became witnesses to this type of harassment that is being used on many who speak out and stand up for their rights. We can only wonder what is said about the rest of us behind closed doors, with only his members in attendance.
These groups are well established and have a comparable justice system that allows innocent people to be prosecuted and the victim isn’t entitled to a defense. It might have started out as a justice system to get justice for people who should have gotten justice from the known justice system, but didn’t.

Not being accountable to anyone, this alternative justice system began to persecute people who were not criminals, but who may have not been liked by someone in power. This type of justice system is perfect for those who are whistleblowers and activists. All those people who would be a nuisance to them or certain groups.

The fact that this type of crime has become so common, and is NOT prosecuted by the judicial system of any country, means that the constitutional rule of law is DEAD. When these crimes go on for years and years, with no law enforcement to stop these crimes, you have the rule of the jungle, not the rule of law.

One of the reasons, I discovered from the web site listed below, for these harassment groups to become started was that as a dictatorship was in the forming stages these groups were set up to keep watch, making sure that the leader stayed in power
What is truly alarming is: This works. ALWAYS. Having a group of people do this is what makes it work and allows the harassment to continue for the rest of the target’s life.

It is such an insidious crime, that some who join in with the lies don’t even realize they are participating in destroying an innocent victim. Because there are so many contributing just a little nuisance, the victim has a hard time breaking up what is considered to be the crime of torture among so many people. Under the present justice system the stalkers can’t be held criminally responsible. What a perfect crime!!
This is commonly called organized or citizen gang stalking. They are very specialized stalking gangs and are much different from other crime gangs. These gangs are much like Hitler or Stalin’s citizen enforcement squads.

Researching this subject, I found many books and websites devoted to many types of harassment. I was shocked at the various methods used. Specific to this type of harassment, I discovered many similarities that are happening in the Katahdin Region. We have become a divided region for these very reasons.
I know first hand the lies that are being told about people. I’ve heard them. The targets themselves often downplay the lies, feeling that it’s beneath them to acknowledge them. After all, the people that know them are not going to believe those lies. The real problem is with those who don’t know the target, those are the ones who will believe the lies and spread them. If you work for the public, your work will be found fault with. Character assassination is prevalent among these crimes. Your reputation both as a person and a businessman or woman, will suffer greatly.

It’s hard for people to believe this reality. After all, who would want to think people are capable of being so sinister. Have you heard complaints from people you know, or maybe it is you who are being affected by this crime and thought that you were just imagining it? You might want to re-think that. Some even know why they have become a target.

Please keep in mind this is a REAL ISSUE, not the unreasonable ravings of delusional people. The question that really deserves to be asked here is, what are the government and the media doing about it, and why is this crime kept so quiet? Why are they not enforcing the law?

There are also instances where the media actually helps these groups, printing the lies about the targets, as we saw with Carol Palesky. The tax cap she was trying to get passed was obliterated by the press’s focus on her personally instead of the issue. She was deemed a kook, and is still carrying the consequences of their actions.

Or it could be a number of letters from people dissatisfied with work that was done by the target, if the person works for the public. We all have seen the news media’s articles that can be construed as nothing more than hate articles in our own town, and Millinocket is not the only town being affected by this.
For those who are experiencing these types of life’s little nuisances, or think you might be a target, or if you have inside information about any of this, I would love to hear from you. I can also guarantee anonymity, if that’s a concern.

I would urge you to contact me at, I will be writing more articles about these harassment crimes in the future.


Internet: Anti Multiple Stalker (Citizen Harassment Group) Information and Support Site
Book: Terrorist [Citizen Gang] Stalking, by David Lawson

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