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The American Contradiction: Open Borders And Homeland Security
by Matthew Jones

How many times have you flown since 9-11? We should feel more secure knowing that we have “tightened up” our security, right? The Department of Homeland Security is making us safer, right? As we wait in long lines, slowed by random searches that seem to target anyone but potential terrorists, many Americans remain blissfully unaware that we face a much bigger threat from our open borders.

While the TSA is making your Grandpa take his shoes off at the airport (we wouldn’t want anybody to think we are targeting real terrorists), a radical Muslim terrorist may be traveling a logging road from Canada into Maine with a suitcase nuke. While the DHS is data mining phone and library records, our entire northern and great parts of our southern borders are open. Think about that for a moment. Does it seem that our administration wants to give the perception of security without actually taking care of the biggest problem?

Make no mistake, true homeland security begins with the borders, yet, how many thousands of miles of United States borders remain open?

I have passed from Maine into New Brunswick many times. It is not very difficult to pass over the border. The openness of our Canadian border coupled with Canada’s reluctance to prevent terrorists from entering their own country makes all northern states especially susceptible to terrorist entry. Maine is not exempt from terrorist activity. Remember that two of the 9-11 terrorists flew out of the Portland Jetport.

While the Department of Homeland Security spends billions of taxpayer dollars on domestic programs which “toe the line” of our Fourth and Fifth Amendment protections, illegal immigrants pour over our open borders. There are very few of our elected officials that put any importance on the security of our borders.
Our relationship with Mexico has gotten too close for the border to close up. (NAFTA, FTAA.) Our “leadership” is more inclined to open the borders entirely — as Vicente Fox has suggested, even going as far as suggesting the Canadian border being erased — than to shut them up. Any Bush administration attempts to “seal” the border are simply a show to draw back in the conservative base. Republicans and Democrats have both failed us on the issue of borders.

The primary duty of government is to protect the God-given rights of all United States citizens. We need to re-focus our government “eyes” away from United States citizens and toward our borders. We need to stop spreading democracy across the globe — how sad it is that our “leaders” have forgotten that we are a Constitutional Republic, not a democracy — and use our military and financial assets to provide true homeland security. We need to break the ties with Mexico and re-establish our own sovereignty. When this is done, we will begin to creep back towards our Founders’ vision for the United States of America.

Matthew Jones is a businessman and Christian political activist from Chelsea, Maine. He is the head of the Constitution Party of Maine where principle overpowers politics. He can be reached at For information on the Constitution Party please visit or call 1-800-2-VETO-IRS.

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