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Needed Reforms: Immigration
By Michael Fundalewicz

I’m taking a break from my original format and re-directing my focus on this “Border Issue” that’s been the rage of late.

I just don’t understand why the current administration is dragging its feet and saying it’ll cost millions to enforce the influx of illegals into this country. The laws are already on the books; they’re just not being enforced. We have a defined border but it’s not being controlled with the vehemence it should.

We’re at war folks, let’s get over it and face the facts. An open border policy, also called “NAFTA”, is gonna wind up killing us one way or another. We can’t afford the risk of terrorists entering unrestrained nor can we afford to financially support every person who crosses over and wants to, and is entitled to, live on welfare. We have enough homeless and poor of our own. Do we need to support everybody else that wanders over the border too? NOT!
Instead of opening the doors, we should be building electric fences, setting the dogs loose and building guard towers every 1000 feet; and I mean north and south. Since 9/11 a lot has changed and we’re gonna have to just get used to thinking outside the box.

The administration is saying it wants to implement a “guest worker program”, WHY? We already have one established. It’s called a work VISA. And foreigners can get one by applying at the I.N.S. like any other law abiding person would. But you have to go through the gate to get one; not over the fence. And if they can’t abide that law, what else are they willing to disregard?

The agricultural businesses are claiming they’ll lose valuable workers if we don’t let these illegals stay; that‘s understandable. But that doesn’t mean they should be allowed to hire illegals either.

Let’s face it; our kids are lazy and uneducated. They don’t want to work for minimum wage and if they can’t run a keyboard, they won’t work period. Instead they’ll go to college on borrowed money, which you and I subsidize, and become career students. That’s the main reason they have to hire immigrant workers.
Latinos, per se, are neither of the above, for the most part. All they lack is English language skills. They’re hard workers and as honest as anyone else around here. They have a deep sense of family ties and values. I know of several and you couldn’t ask for better neighbors. But they came here LEGALLY! And now they’re naturalized citizens.

I don’t have a problem with foreign workers, my parents both came from foreign countries; but they came here legally and worked their butts off to make a living just like these “legal” people are.

I’ve worked with Latinos and I’ve seen them break their backs picking broccoli for 10 to 14 hours a day. Would any of you or your kids do the same for piece-work pay? I doubt it.

As for the “Minutemen” and Sheriff Joe Arpaio, of Maricopa Co., Arizona, who’s gone all out to watch the Mexican border, GO FOR IT! You have my respect. It’s the right and duty of every citizen of this great country to support and defend the nation we live in. Our “Pledge of Allegiance” sums it up quite well. It’s too bad our own government won’t do the same unless there’s an uproar.

In summation:

We need to close the borders to all illegals and issue work visas to those qualified to come through the gate.

Arrest, process and document every illegal caught and deport them immediately.

We need to place all ports of entry under limited martial law, and I do mean shipping ports too. Search every container!

We can dump the “domestic spying”, as well as its’ price tag, because nothing’s coming in or going out without being checked thoroughly. There’s no need to watch a house with a locked door.
Then, and only then, will we be able to rest easy knowing there’s a guard in the tower watching the gate while we sleep.

Michael Fundalewicz moved to Ashland with his wife and four kids in the early ‘90s to escape the dictatorial confines of the State of Massachusetts’ taxation policies and the mayhem of drugs and crime for the protection of his kids’ futures. He has, in recent years, come to see that those very same issues have followed him in the form of self-serving governing officials and the reluctance of the citizens of northern Maine to stand up and speak out for themselves before they wind up in the same mess.

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