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Risk Audit Project Begins
by Susan C. Stratton

A survey was created for parents a couple months ago that they could use to question school board members and candidates concerning moral issues in their local school. The survey included questions like:
  1. Do you support or oppose abstinence programs over and above birth control programs in the schools?
  2. Do you support or oppose books, films, or other media in the school curriculum that include graphical displays of sexual behavior (rape, incest, sexual intercourse, etc.) and/or glorifies suicide or death?
  3. Do you support or oppose homosexuality, bisexuality and/or transgenderism in the school curriculum?

An effort to pass out the survey by general community members also entailed so that an assessment of individual board members could be made. This was meant to allow voters in future town elections to choose board members they deemed appropriate given their responses.

The survey found trouble amongst board members whom refused to answer the survey and/or told fellow board members who were in the same district to ignore the survey. That was a scary thought itself; that board members would wish to hide their positions from parents concerning the educational recommendations they were instilling upon our children. And some responses were just plain discriminatory and rude. It was obvious in some school districts that immoral curriculum, such as the homosexual lifestyle or sex-laden literature was not offensive enough to keep out of the minds of our children.

The Risk Audit Project created by Mission America is a nationwide survey, which is given to each individual school district via the superintendent office. Its main intent is to question whether or not a district receives funding for immoral student clubs or activities; and to see to what extent homosexual, bi-sexual and transgenderism has been incorporated into the curriculum or teacher training programs.

In only a couple years Maine has witnessed a growing influx of activists, using our children to push their sexual preferences. They use the civil right agenda, equating sexual preference to racial discrimination, as part of their strategy to force schools to use books that support same-sex relationships or hold day-long events such as the “Day of Silence” wherein students remain speechless throughout the day while wearing pro-gay symbols to signify their support of homosexuality, bi-sexuality and transgenderism. (Note: If you have experienced the “Day of Silence” in your school district, there is now an option which students can use. Check out:

Around the rest of the country we’ve heard reports of shocking indoctrination such as a homosexual books (ex. King and King) read to kindergarten children or young teenagers treated to gay-hosted party events complete with adult homosexual men passing out “club cards” to invite young boys to their get-togethers; and attendees wearing scant attire (often dressed in drag) or woman dressed as men. Many of these moral crimes against our children have been committed in Massachusetts, which is a close political ally to Maine. Many good parents fear, what is happening there, will soon happen here in the same degree.

While concerned parents are pulling their children out of public schools, some of us are holding strong, watching with careful eye over the subject matter presented to our children. There are good teachers too, who know that a parents decision is MORE important than activist positions and they are more than happy to leave the decision up to the parent regarding moral or politically charged issues. Unfortunately, not all school officials feel this way and wish to remove a PARENT’S RIGHT to know what is best for their children. That is why the Risk Audit Project was created for all states to use and why Maine has decided to take on this task.

In future articles, the results from the Risk Audit Project will be made available for the general public. Parents and community members can use this information to question their school official decisions and to try to vote out those members who are corrupting our public schools and using our children for their own activist cause.

Susan C. Stratton is a Catholic wife and mother of 3 children in Corinna, Maine. She is a freelance writer and current chairperson of the Corinna Chapter, Maine Right to Life. You can reach Mrs. Stratton at:

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