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Letters to the Editor


Last month, All Maine Matters published a letter to the editor from a reader asking a question. We neglected to answer that question and will do so now.

“A Freeper from Maine” asked:

“Do you think you will ever use the HTML format as I would like to post some of your writings on Free Republic.Com where it must include linking to your site, have the date timely, and the author. And read by thousands of readers per day across the country as well as some of our military overseas.

“I read the actual paper as takes to long with acrobat reader to load...or to easily cut and paste. I have dial up at around 50Kbps and a newer computer but am not a fan of pdf.

“Lets get your paper out across the country for national reader enjoyment. In FR are many reporters and news people that use us as their “google” as it often the comments that give credibility to a story or dissect the untruths. It was on FR that Dan Rather was exposed moments after he appeared with his story on 60 minutes. The following week they continued to spin the truth with another story, not learning from what had happened the previous week.”

In response to that question, we have begun to publish our newspaper in strict HTML for our readers who do not have broadband. June’s issue is up at

In the second week of July, July’s issue will be up at

Thank you for your suggestion and your question. We value all feedback from our readers and wish to facilitate reading our newspaper for all potential readers. --Editor

Articles Are Real Eyeopeners!

Dear Friends,

Enclosed is my check for $18.00. I know I could get this newspaper FREE at the grocery or the gas station, but I want to support the paper!

The articles are REAL eyeopeners! The satire on animal ID was great (though the N.A.I.S. is itself yet another horror story).

I don’t have as computer system. I’m retired and live a single life…but I’d sure like some written material on N.A.I.S. and on that other horror “New Freedom Commission on Mental Health.”

Could you print, in your newspaper, addresses to write to to obtain written info on these disgusting, infringing outfits? Many thanks!

Love your paper!

Sandra Walker (Prairiestar)
Orneville Twp., ME

The postal address for the National Mental Health Information Center is 5600 Fishers Lane, Room 13C-26, Rockville, MD 20857 . Their telephone number is 800-789-2647. And the postal address for the MindFreedom Support Coalition International is 454 Willamette, Suite 216 / P.O. Box 11284 / Eugene, OR 97440-3484 USA

We have published articles on two different organizations known as NAIS. The contact for each of those is below.

The postal address for the National Association of Independent Schools is 620 L Street NW Suite 1100, Washington DC, 20036-5695. Their phone number is 202-973-9700.

The postal address for the National Animal Identification System is U.S. Department of Agriculture 1400 Independence Ave., S.W. Washington, DC 20250. They offer no phone number in their contact information.

Spending Us Into Debt

Dear Editor:

Maine is one of the poorest states in the nation, excluding some southern ones who beat us slightly. But in general, just look at the statistics if you will. Lowest per capita income, excluding, of course, our well-heeled people from away and/or summer property owners who take advantage of our borders. Add to this the fact that we are #2 in state taxes and something just is wrong.

What is happening is simple. Our elected representatives are spending us into debt. We owe billions in loan payments, and still this government is telling us all is well. Gee. Sounds just like the politicians in Washington.

Another thing: As someone from away (I hate that saying), after twenty years in Maine, I can’t fathom why the registry doesn’t notify residents when their car or truck registration is due. Every state I ever lived in always sent you the bill and form to fill out. Here in Maine, it is up to you. I see so many old stickers on cars and trucks that it is frightening as all the state is waiting for is an alert cop to pick you off and then bring more money into the coffers of the state.

LD #1, another farce, was supposed to lower taxes? I asked my town officer how come I just added $7800 in exemptions and my taxes went up? Well, you all kow the same BS. It was the fault of the state. Case closed, eh? Not really. Dirago is a red herring and only worked as long as the state kept on getting money from the feds, $44 million, if I recall, but hay seed to them.

Another problem: Over forty percent of Mainers are on Medicaid through no fault of their on. Married couples and poor singles sometimes find out that if working are not eligible for Medicaid but are too rich – what a laugh! – so albeit making minimum wage boxes them out of health insurance. No wonder so many people in Maine are working under the table. Oops! Better watch it, or the state may start tracking you. Think about this when you vote.
To quote another transplant I moved to Maine to get away from the politicians in this country but found that Maine has become just like any other state, probably due to the influx of people moving here to get away from beaurocracy, but instead have found that even Maine is now just like everywhere else. This, in essense, is what diversity is all about, so live tith it, and unfortunately, the old saying “As Maine goes, so goes the nation.” Live with it and give up as no matter what the old timers say, you can’t stop progress, sad to say.

Frank D. Slason, Somerville, ME

Election Thoughts

I’d like to thank All Maine Matters for allowing me to have an opinion and printing such.

I had to laugh the other day. It was about two days before the primary elections. I was working at my job and as I was outside doing what was asked of me. Inside there was an over 50’s group having a luncheon. One of their guest speakers was a candidate for district rep. I didn’t hear a word of what he was talking about until he left the building.

He walked by me without saying a word until I uttered, “Have a nice day.” He turned and looked at me as one of two things, a potential vote or a courteous person.

He approached me and made his comments of a potential candidate like most of them would do looking for a vote. I listened to what he was hoping for, if elected.. The basic things of, better jobs, healthcare, tax cuts, you know, the stuff that’s on most everybody’s lips.

Well, after he was done, I started in. My enjoyment turned to aggravation as I spouted off what I thought the government should be looking at. It wasn’t healthcare and better jobs. It was taking care of the elderly Mainers who need help and the starving families who need to choose between fuel oil or food.

I told him that my job would be a lot more enjoyable if at the end of the week I didn’t have to look at all the taxes sucked out of my pay check. It’s damn depressing when a person works in the heat, cold, rain and all the other elements of northern Maine every week and receives a pay check, knowing full well that some one out there is nursing off the government teat.

I went on for about 20 minutes with what I thought was wrong and he agreed. He actually stepped back a few steps when he seen my face and eyes turn red. After I was done, I asked him what he thought. He said that he would pass it on and thanked me. He also asked for my vote. Well, come to find out, he was in the wrong district for me to vote for him. Maybe we should have established that first.

There is a whole on slot of people looking for votes this year. I see them on TV. The problem I have with them, is they feel that the larger populous is where they need to be.

There is one lady that popped up in Presque Isle the other day. She decided to have coffee with some of the locals. Good idea. How many did she talk to? Was she in my voting district? I don’t have a clue because I don’t know who she is or when she is showing up. Do I feel informed enough on what she is going to do for the state to get my vote, probably not.

So, a piece of advice: Don’t forget the small towns. There may not be a lot of people, but enough of them will add up to a large population and the word spreads a lot faster too.

There is one who is not getting my vote. It’s the governor at this present time. I saw his ad on TV the other day also. He wants my vote because a lot has been done, but there is a lot more that needs to be done. Vote me in again and it will be done.

Well governor, let’s see. I’m quite sure I said this once before, “steal from the tax payer and give to the illegal immigrants.” If I was to vote for you I might just as well put a fox in my chicken coop. Either way, I’m going to lose out. It’s still amazing how some politicians can lie, cheat and steal their way through life and still go on TV and ask for more and smile about it. Personally I can see a small cartoon balloon over their heads with the word, “SUCKER!!” written in it.

HA! This government system today is a joke, I mean really, people. The elderly are starving because they have to buy medications. The people on welfare that don’t need it are riding snowmobiles and ATV’s and having a good life at it The illegal immigrants are flocking in here for “THE FREE.” The husbands, wives, sons and daughters of the American people are getting killed once again over seas and some of the concerns of this state government are, whether or not Moxie needs to be the state drink. Come on now, get real. If any drink needs to become the state drink, it should be beer. That’s because the average working person can still afford it.

Anyway, when it comes to election time, I don’t know who I’m going to vote for.

Just remember people, if you don’t vote, then you shouldn’t complain.

Thank you again.
Perry Charette
Nashville Plt., ME

Math gone wrong!!

I was just watching the local news on 6/29/06. There was an individual on the news from Saco whose name is Rep. Donald Pilon, He seems to be endorsing a new registration plate for the automobile in the state. Its design is to support the families of the troops in Iraq. The sample on TV looked very nice. The state of Maine with a yellow ribbon in the center of it. The look is very tasteful and not tacky. The cost of the plate will not be the usual $25.00 fee. It will be $45.00.

The news reported a very simple breakdown of the cost and where the money will go. The production of the plate will be $10.00. The fund that will support the families of the troops will receive $10.00. That’s pretty good, if the state can sell hundreds or even thousands of them.

It’s always nice to show support of the troops no matter if you agree with the war/conflict or not. It’s a job that they applied for and their boss has told them that they have a job to do. The troops are working people like most everybody else in America. What they do for a job, which consists of a multitude of tasks, everything from the cook, security police, mechanic, sniper, infantry, and many other positions, all are applied for, trained for and all have an ultimate boss. If they want a paycheck, then they better do what the boss says or they may not have the job at a later time.

Oh, by the way, if you noticed the title of this article is “math gone wrong!!” Let’s get back to that. If a person pays $45.00 for a registration plate and the production costs are $10.00 and the fund will receive $10.00, what has happened to the other $25.00? Is somebody sitting in a big leather chair in Augusta raking in the profit, or are they all dipping their tin cups in? As far as I’m concerned, if you’re going to promote a plate of this nature, by all means, take out the production costs and the cost of registration paperwork.

But unless there is a cost that wasn’t mentioned about the plate, then the fund should receive at least $30.00. If the Representative wants to help a hungry or cold family, that’s fine.

But don’t feed a hungry family a saltine cracker and don’t give a cold family one match and a toothpick to stay warm with.

Think about people. It’s basic math that was taught in 3rd grade. Where is the other money going? Unless Rep.. Pilon can explain this, then I’d watch your wallets because somebody might be reaching in for their own fund.


Perry Charette, Nashville Plt

“Free Love” Community Members

I read with interest a letter from a reader concerning Laura Adelmann’s article titled: Liberals Silence Parents, Sacrifice Children At Altar Of Tolerance (May 2006 issue). I think the reader did not realize the theme of the article. The reader was concerned with persons from the “free-love” generation being labeled liberals but most conservatives often use these extreme words to clarify political positions on very serious matters. Most liberals even incorporate labels (“right-wing” or “religious radicals”) to point fingers at Christians, Jewish or Muslim faithful who uphold their conservative moral standards (You can actually see this in action on the Maine Education Association (NEA affiliate) in their political activism policy section wherein they refer to anyone who disagrees with their position as “right-wing” or “radical”.)

Not to say labels are always a good thing. They can be used in a derogatory way but I think most authors use them to describe the political agenda of the issue being discussed so that the impact of the argument can be felt in an emotional way.

Labels aside, I think many in the “free-love” generation have indeed grown up and become active members of the community. However, the question needed to be asked is: what exactly are those “liberals” doing in their activism? For example, we have seen a great uprising of homosexual activists pushing their agenda on children in the public schools, even children who are in kindergarten class. These persons are indeed “free-love” individuals who have contributed to society by forcing their sexual preferences on other people’s children; even to the point of taking away the religious liberty so afforded to American families.
Recently we heard in the news that the NEA, a volunteer teacher organization that is known for its power and influence in the public school system, is hoping to add same-sex marriage to the school curriculum nationwide (Note: Just recently, the new addition to policy was voted down after parents complained, but it still pushes homosexual curriculum in states that already endorse same-sex marriage.)

What disturbs me concerning this activism is the fact that this will make public schools an environment friendly only to those who support unnatural sexual orientation. (Note: in fact, this is already happening here in Maine.) Forget the rights of children of Faith or those who disagree with different sexual gender identities. Their rights are no longer allowed in the public school system when activists march in and force their own particular indoctrination upon students.

Read about NEA desire to promote homosexual marriage in public schools here:

Along with this news, we learned too of the Parker struggles in the Lexington, Massachusetts, school district. For those unfamiliar with the case, the Parker family discovered that their kindergarten son was given pro-gay reading materials in his class. The 5 year old children were sent home with an entire book bag of promotion materials for same-sex marriage. Since the parents did not condone this type of education for their child (let alone the idea of sexual issues being brought up to kindergarteners), they asked that their son be opted out of curriculum that involved sexual orientation matters. They were denied this. They ended up taking the school district to court and because of their opposition to the school decision, outside “liberal” groups rallied against the family. The anti-Parker demonstrations in which children are encouraged to attend have caused confusion amongst very young students so much so that Parker’s son (now 7 years old) was beaten up by a mob of children. It was discovered that the attack was pre-planned and initiated by children of the same individuals who run the campaign against the Parker family.

I mention the Parker case because it does show “free-love” community members in action and does show the same threat which may come to Maine as parents in the school system become divided on moral issues creating a place of hostility rather than education and protection for children. Perhaps many “free-love” individuals from the 60’s and 70’s abandoned their liberal ways in favor of traditional family values but for those who did not, they are actually creating a hate-filled environment for the rest of us and our children.

You can read about this case at:

Often the same individuals who uphold sexual orientation equality, also become active in pro-abortion issues. How many “free-love” individuals attend the March for Choice pushed by Planned Parenthood in Washington, DC every year? I seriously doubt most conservatives venture into those parades. Instead, we often hear about conservatives who may hold pro-life signs in counter action against abortion supporters and are harrassed and even physically attacked for it by “liberals” in the crowd. But that is a whole other letter given the length of what I could write!

Mrs. Stratton, Corinna, ME

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