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Thoughts on Taxes
By Lenny Murphy

The US Constitution has to be respected first! Then, I would think, we should think about the Bible, treat others the way we would like to be treated! Between these two guidelines I know we can develop a new solution to old problems!

I will start with the most difficult part, for me, of the taxation formula. I try to stay away from this next topic but I do think at some time in the future, income, and or, the ability to pay, must be at the center of determining a tax structure for property tax! All I am saying is that if we know how much a person’s or business’s, yearly income is, then we have a beginning clue as to what their property taxes should be!

Property taxes, to some extent, have to be based on the ability to pay, or we will be forcing people to sell their land or we will take it. What kind of a scare tactic is that? It is a excessive fine, fee, or penalty, and it is unconstitutional to take someone’s land for a few tax dollars that are owed to the town.

In my case Medford took my land and they were going to sell it to the people next door! I started making payment and they foreclosed anyway! They could have sold the land and buildings for over $70,000.00 and I owed only $2,600.00 I guess the towns in Maine are allowedto keep the profit of over $67,000.00 and I would have received nothing. So if I was in the Veterans hospital for awhile and tried to go home, someone else maybe living there? Not in my book, things must change!

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