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February 2006



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Reaching All of Maine
By Ken Anderson

With a title like All Maine Matters, it bothers me to see holes in our map. We're working hard to fill them in, and with your help we might be able to get a long way toward that goal by our next issue.

As you can see, we're in quite a few stores from Fort Kent to South Portland, Fort Fairfield, and Bethel. But we have a rather large hole in the southern part of the state, and along the coast. No, that's not a political statement; we need people to help distribute in these areas.

Someone has come forward to volunteer to distribute All Maine Matters between South Portland and Auburn, and another has agreed to bring the paper to Machias and north along Maine's eastern border as far as Houlton. Someone else may be taking on part of my Aroostook County route, which may free me up to reach Franklin and Somerset counties.

We still have a dire need for people willing to help distribute. There are obvious gaps to the south and along the coast, but if someone wanted to take any part of the Newport to Bethel route, that might free me up to fill in another part of the state.

If you are willing to take on the task of distributing All Maine Matters to your part of the state, please let me know, even if it's to only a small part of it. Generally, we would set up distribution points in grocery stores, gas stations, hardware stores, restaurants, or other businesses that people go in and out of. If a town is large enough to have a general store or a gas station, we'd like to be there.

All of Maine does matter. We're just having a hard time reaching all of you.

Ken Anderson, Distribution
All Maine Matters

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