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Ask Alvina

Dear Alvina:

I have been a happily married woman with a wonderful husband and a young daughter. Recently I joined a church in my community, and I feel like I have finally found the right church for me and my family.

The problem is that I am very attracted to my pastor. I find myself thinking of him constantly. He is very attractive and he too is married. I don't think he has any idea of my feelings, but I am afraid this situation could get uncomfortable.

Please help.

My birthday is October 27, 1962.

-- Confused.

Dear Confused:

You are in a place where you must learn about authority; a place where you will have to deal with others who are in charge and hold a position of power and control. This could be a boss, your husband and especially your father.

Your idea of what authority means dates back to the time that you received the script in the two years following June 1976. Think back and remember what was happening then. It did have to do with your father or a father figure. There seems to have been a move within the family that pointed you in the direction you are in now.

It would have helped even more if you had included your pastor’s birth date. But I can help.

I feel that you entered this church not by accident, but because you have something you must learn about taking back your own sense of power, for  I believe you are feeling weak and that you cannot fight this feeling, which, by the way, is not uncommon.

The pastor represents your idea of what a strong father should be, and you must understand that you are in this place where things will come to a head between July 17, 2005, and September. 4, 2007. You have that time to learn your lesson.

Look inward to what it is you are really doing. I think that life will take care of things at church because I see the family making a move to another place this coming year. Nonetheless, that will not mean the lesson is over. Not until September of 2007,

Take care and remember that you cannot disrupt others, it never works.

Key word . . . Discipline

* * *
Dear Alvina:

All my life I have wanted to be a fashion model but obstacles were always in my way. Now the way is clear and I have nothing holding me back. Will I make it? I was born August 30, 1981, 12:56 a.m.

-- Born Model

Dear Model:

Indeed you are! You have Virgo sun in the 6th degree. This degree promises regeneration. In June, 2003, you started the path of discovery of your own emotional strength. You learned that the constant emotional strokes you so greatly need have to be earned.

You have beautiful facial bones, that, of course will be an asset in the profession you seek. You are also a good worker. But let me warn you, you may find yourself receiving less compensation than you are entitled to. Do not fall for sad stories, and do not volunteer for cut-rate layouts. Always remember what you are worth.

The opportunity you seek will come in two waves. The first came in around July 17, 2005. The bigger break will come around April 18, 2007, when "the gods" will certainly be in your corner.

Key word . . .Endure.

Do you have a question for Alvina? Send it -- along with your birth date, time, and place of birth – to Alvina at PO Box 6547, Santa Fe, NM 87502.

Alvina has been a psychic, astrologer, consultant, writer and speaker for over 40 years. This is a powerful combination to help people realize their own timing for this lifetime. Alvina Turner reaches out and connects people with their past present and future.

Alvina’s book, Visions, Wishes, and Dreams…Oh My! is available now. You can buy it by calling this toll-free order number 877-484-6464.
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