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Vol. 1, No. 8      August 2006 FREE

Thoughts on Education
By Lenny Murphy

We must see that the over-inflated cost of so-called Education is about half of the expense of the yearly cost of living!

We must start taking many new avenues in the area of what we call Education! We need to help people with their Education. We can not educate people -- or should I say help people with their education -- if they do not want to learn what you are forcing all of them to know, while we hide the ABC’s?

Has our society become too competitive? We don’t need people that can compete; we need people that can participate in a productive effort! Competition puts up walls and isolates, which is a primitive premise at best!

To move on, in theory, if everyone homeschooled their children, it would cut the taxes in half! We should offer people the opportunity to home school by giving them 1/3 of what it would cost us to keep them in the public schools! Then if some schools consolidated, the rate of students per teacher would not change, as it would otherwise!

If we want fewer students per teacher, it would be counterproductive to combine schools! There is at least one way to get something extra for the taxes we are about to raise: by giving new teachers more money! Money will not fix a hole in the dam! Why do we not need new young teachers from away to be teaching our young? Just the edictats of The State? I ask you, would you want your child taught how to drive a car by a youth that just received a driving license from The State?

The young teacher may have energy, but without experience, the youth have no experienced mentors to help them develop self-esteem, etc.

We need to attract older, experienced people from all trades to truly help the students advance themselves and the future of The Planet Earth! Will get into more detail of a new tax format soon, take care!

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