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Vol. 1, No. 8      August 2006 FREE

And Now for Something Completely Different
by Michael Fundalewicz

I’m forced to deviate from my original format, once again, to address the current conflagration going on in the Middle East.
I’ve been listening to the news reports lately and find myself sickened by the inundation, by the news agencies covering these stories, of their opined reports by various parties. Opinions are like, well, you-know-what, and everyone has one. But is it necessary? Absolutely not!

The shocking picture I saw today, circa 2000, of U. N. President Kofi Annan and the Hezbollah leader, Sheikh Nasrallah, shaking hands was, to me, an assimilation to the unthinkable vision of President Roosevelt shaking hands with Adolph Hitler: TOTALLY OUT OF REALITY! What was he thinking? Why not have a party in Sudan’s Darfur District and visit with Pol Pot and Kim Jong Il and Ahmedinijahd? Any other terrorists we can invite? It’s B.Y.O.B. (bury your own bodies) but you’re all welcome boys! Ya, that’s really ethical for a U.N. President to reflect!!! How about a picture with Bin Laden with both of them holding matching AK’s for a photo-op?

Kofi, you are a political pervert! Nothing else.
And then he has the audacity to criticize Israel for defending itself??? Hey Mr. Annan, what kind of hypocrite are you. “Sidewinder”!

We cannot deal with those who cannot be dealt with; it’s as simple as that! Unless you can change the mind-set of a person, there’s nothing one can do but overwhelm them physically. Our prisons and the gangs that trash our neighborhoods are a prime example.

The conflict between Israel and these corrupted factions is tantamount to a “blood-feud”. Nothing is going to quell it but annihilation of one or the other. Leave them be! Get our people out, move the populace out of the way and let them have at it once and for all!

And to all of you in the Hezbollah and Hamas and Jihad Islamia and whatever other so-called “freedom fighters” group you may be in, I say this: Put on a uniform, stand up for what you believe in the open and in public and stop hiding behind the skirts and shirts of the women and children that you’ve been putting in mortal danger and fight like a man, not the snakes that you are!

There’s no difference between this battle and the one we’ve been facing with the terrorists who are threatening the very fabric of our society. Unless you can change attitudes, what have you gained? NOTHING! Their ultimate goal remains; KILL ALL INFIDELS!

Their goal is to disrupt and destroy anything in their path that does not conform to their twisted, so called, beliefs. They’ve stated this on the news, the websites and in their actions.
I’ve read the Qur’an, in parts, and it is a great book. I encourage all to at least read some of it so you’ll know it is NOTHING at all what they claim to their prime directive. Horse feathers! In fact, it’s the direct opposite of their claim.

What does it take for us to realize that this is never going to go away unless we completely change their mindset? And this is never going to happen so long as they exist.

This is indeed a war like none other. We’re fighting an enemy that has no boundaries, no uniform, no political agenda, no geo-political ulterior motive but the destruction of Israel and if this is accomplished, what’s next? WE ARE!!!!!

Sorry folks but this situation was written and made known long ago. It has finally come to light and here we are, right in the middle of it. There’s nothing we can do, as far as I’m concerned, but watch our borders, keep our people safe and continue to defend the very land we stand on. Otherwise, we have nothing!

I have nothing against any nationality whatsoever. I hold no prejudice but for one. And that is, if you want to live here, do so legally. Don’t cross over the fence, go through the gate and be counted. Illegals need to go back; PERIOD!

Michael Fundalewicz moved to Ashland with his wife and four kids in the early ‘90s to escape the dictatorial confines of the State of Massachusetts’ taxation policies and the mayhem of drugs and crime for the protection of his kids’ futures. He has, in recent years, come to see that those very same issues have followed him in the form of self-serving governing officials and the reluctance of the citizens of northern Maine to stand up and speak out for themselves before they wind up in the same mess.

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