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Reforms Overview
By Michael Fundalewicz

Recently I had the privilege to meet, chat with and interview a lovely young couple, in their 70s, Mr. And Mrs. “C”, per se, wherein which we discussed the short-comings and the needs, within Aroostook County and the Federal Government in general, to change this nation from a wasteful and fossil oil dependant economy to one that is self-sustaining, regenerative and earth friendly.

Several of the issues which were addressed in the interview included the following:

Other subjects, of my own personal opinion, have to do with the “State of the Nation” as a whole and are not linked to anyone in particular, although most everyone that I’ve spoken with seems to agree.

They include the following:

I don’t know about you folks but I’m tired of paying $2.65 a gallon for gasoline, $2.78 for fuel oil, $3.24 for propane and the list goes on.

When people enter the state they see the sign on the highway saying “Welcome to Maine, The Way Life Should Be”. How does that make any sense if we’re trying to emulate the lower 48?

Did I miss something here???

Michael Fundalewicz moved to Ashland with his wife and four kids in the early ‘90s to escape the dictatorial confines of the State of Massachusetts’ taxation policies and the mayhem of drugs and crime for the protection of his kids’ futures. He has, in recent years, come to see that those very same issues have followed him in the form of self-serving governing officials and the reluctance of the citizens of northern Maine to stand up and speak out for themselves before they wind up in the same mess.
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