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Straight From Nana Beth’s Kitchen!

Since fish is something I’m always looking to find new recipes for, and fish is so good for us, I decided to print my favorite recipe my mom gave me, and my mom’s the best cook I know, so I’m pretty sure you’ll like this one.

This recipe is so easy, takes only 10 minutes in the microwave, and tastes absolutely wonderful. The butter crumb topping is so rich and delicious, and adds just the right flavor to make it a really special dish.

For busy people who want a healthy meal prepared quickly, you couldn’t get better or faster than this one.

Mom’s Micro-Wave Fish

1 pound of white fish.......placed in a 9 inch pie plate, with the thickest part of the fish toward the outer edge. Cover with a dampened paper towel - which has most of the water squeezed out. Micro-wave on high, 3 minutes.

Remove platter from micro-wave and let stand covered with paper towel, while preparing buttered crumbs.

Buttered crumbs as follows:

1/2 cup butter or margarine in a quart glass container, micro-wave on high till melted. (You might want to place a paper towel over glass to contain the butter from splattering.)

Add----1/2 cup soft bread crumbs
1/2 cup cracker crumbs

Mix with fork to the butter mixture.

Remove paper towel from fish, and sprinkle evenly with salt and pepper, then place buttered crumbs on each fish filet

Pour either 1/3 cup of milk or coffee creamer over whole thing. (Coffee creamer makes it much richer)
Place uncovered, back in micro-wave and cook another 5-7 minutes on high.

Serve with your favorite veggies.

If you have recipes you’d like to share, or questions about a recipe you can’t find, please contact Nana Beth at
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